Shun vs Zelite – Suggestion of Best kitchen knife

To find out the best kitchen knife producer brands between Shun vs Zelite , we will compare two similar models of these brands. Thereby, we picked the Shun Classic 8-Inch of Shun brand, and Zelite executive plus 8 inches chef’s knife of Zelite brand. 

Before you are going to the main part, we are disclosing our recommendation here – yes, you got it right Shun classic 8 inches is our pick. To reach the decision we have analyzed true reviews of users, and the opinions of our expert panels. 

However, we are yet to open our vote for the best brand between these two. Surprisingly, to add more twists the answer is provided in a secret section of this blog. To find the best brand – simply read this article. Surely, the recommendation part will be in your eyes within just a few minutes. 

Now let’s begin drawing the picture in your mind, from the comparison table below. 

Shun vs Zelite – Comparison table

SpecificationsShun Classic 8 inchesZelite executive plus 8 inches
Dimension15 x 2.8 x 1 inchesN/A
Blade materialVG-MAX SteelAlloy Steel
Main materialStainless steelStainless steel
Blade edgePlainDeep
Blade size8 inches8 inches
Handle materialEbony pakkawoodLeather sheath
Blade shapeCurvedSemi-curved
Best featureTraditional Japanese styleTraditional Chinese style
Left / right-hand CompatibilityYesYes
Kitchen work fittedYesYes

From this comparison table, Shun classic 8 inches knife’s best qualities are coming out. However, if that doesn’t mean Zelite is offering fewer features on it. In reality, the Zelit executive plus 8 inches knife also has some magnificent features at a reasonable price. 

Therefore, check the price list from the following section to have a more clear understanding. To complete the action simply click the button below. 

Which features make the Shun classic 8 inches knife best?

Here in this part, the best features of this knife have been added. Let’s see the features – 

  • Complete kitchen work: Shun classic is more ahead of these two knives, because of its all-purpose fitting ability. With that knife, you can do different types of kitchen work. Moreover, this knife is quite fittable for doing strong cutting activities. It’s a knife that comes with complete support for your kitchen. 
  • Ergonomic design: another positive of the shun 8 inches knife, is the ergonomic design and nice finishing. It comes with an adjustable wide curvy shape. That curvy design allows solid cutting on board with very fine mince. With the alternative, you will not get that amount of support. 
  • Top quality making: All the top-class knives come with high-quality construction. Here with shun classic, you will get the same thing. It is constructed with VG-MAX cutting core and clad in 68 layers of stainless Damascus. As a result, this knife is very strong and able to work well for cutting hard meats. Pulse is built with a strain-resistant and razor-sharp edge structure. Overall, there is no doubt about the top-class construction of the quality of this knife. 
  • Comfortable handle: The handle is made with pakkawood. Unlike leather-made handles, it will not cause any bacteria. Moreover, the D-shape nature is comfortable for both left-handed and right-handed users. A complete knife for all types of users only because of handling proficiency. 
  • Traditionally inspired design: Shun classic 8 inches knife is designed in a traditional Japanese knife shape. For thousands of years, people have been using the same structured knife to get precise cutting. Therefore, shun knives are made in a handcrafted system by highly skilled artisans to produce the best quality. Quality and beautification, shun has everything in this particular model.
  • Mobile friendly: The very lightweight nature has been the talking point of the users. They have found much mobility with the Shun classic, due to its impressive lightweight nature. Therefore, users can take this knife anywhere they go. 

Pros and cons of the Shun Classic 8 inches knife

In the following section, the positives and negatives of this knife are provided. 


  • High carbon blade
  • Stainless steel
  • All in one knife
  • Pakka wood handle
  • Pain edge
  • Curvy belly
  • Sharp and strong
  • both hand compatible
  • Handcrafted knife
  • Lightweight knife
  • Hand wash
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Lifetime warranty


  • Easily breakable
  • Hard handle

It is clear that not many negatives are there about the Shun classic. If you yet to make a final decision please follow the below comparison of key features between these two products. Hopefully, complete analysis will help you to make a decisive decision. 

Comparison of features of between Shun vs Zelite knife brands

A comparison of our picked models will be enough to put the conclusion of these two brands. Let’s move forward for a complete analysis between Shun Classic 8-Inch vs  Zelite executive plus 8 inches knives. 

Brand difference: Shun vs Zelite infinity

Brand nameMother country
Zelite infinityChina

These two brands come from two different brands. Let’s talk about shun and its manufacturing country. This knife was manufactured in Japanese in ancient form. Did you know that the shun knife is built in a traditional ancient format? This impressive design has been useful for more than three thousand years. 

On the other hand, Zelite knives are manufactured in a regular or modern format. Basically, the manufacturing country is claimed to be china. Yet, this knife is so popular on European and American soil. For more than ten to twelve years this model has been on the top chart of popularity. 

What is your final judgment about the origin of these two knives? We are pretty convinced with both items. However, the ancient inspirational work of the shun knife, is really a big statement. Therefore, we consider the Shun classic 8 inches knife as the best based on the manufacturing. 

Manufacturing material difference – Shun vs Zelite

Brand nameSteel nature
Shun classicVG-MAX
Zelite executive proAUS-10

When you are thinking about knives, you should focus on the manufacturing material of it. Here, shun is manufactured with stainless steel. The nature of the Steel is VG-MAX. That means it is the best-ranked VG steel. That absolutely a mind-blowing feature we would say. Only a few good quality sharp knives use this kind of luxurious materials. Surprisingly, within this reasonable price, you will get this top manufactured item. 

Alternatively, the zelite executive pro comes with another type of steel. It is made with AUS-10 steel. That is relatively good based on the price. Moreover, this type of steel is well known for its long-durable nature. You can use the knife for doing rough stuff too. It works the same as water or even on a proper surface. 

Here in the manufacturing department, no much differences are evident. Yet, you have admired the special VG-MAX steel blade of Shun classic – 8 inches of the knife. However, the computer also comes with equally good steel. Therefore, this part has dual winners. 

Which one is the sharpest? Shun vs Zelite

Brand nameEdge
Shun Classic 8 inches16 degrees (double level)
Zelite Executive pro12 degrees (double level)

Well, the sharpness of a knife is the main determining issue. Everyone looks for sharper knives, because of getting the best result. However, finding a sharp knife is not easy in today’s time. Surprisingly, both shun and zelite executives are famous for making sharp knives. You can go for other knives of these brands too. 

Now come back to the main point of this section. Here, which knife is the sharpest? Shun classic 16-degree knife comes with a double-level factory edge. The curvy nature has made this knife extra effective for cutting different types of food items. It only requires one sharp clinical movement to complete the cutting. The sharp edges totally inspired the design of ancient Japanese forms. Do all required activities with one shun classic curvy knife. 

Alternatively, the Zelite executive pro also has a good curve in its shape. This inspiring curve allows quick cutting. This impressive knife has a 12 degrees double-level curving shape. In reality that might be so huge, but enough to do kitchen work. Moreover, the straight curvy design makes it more durable than other curvy knives. 

So, which one is the winner according to you? Maybe shun classic. As this knife is curvier it has more chances of cutting faster. Yes, we do agree with your thoughts. The shun classic knife is the winner when it comes to the question of a sharper knife. In fact, the vital part of these model comparisons goes in favor of the Shun. 

The difference in handle section – Shun vs Zelite

Brand nameHandle material
Shun classicPakkawood
Zelite proLeather material G10

As well already mentioned about the handle of the Shun knife, you may some ideas about this one. This amazing handle is made with pakkawood material. No natural materials were used to make this one. Therefore, this handle will remain out of bacterial infections. Where most knives have big failings of bacterial infection. But due to use of modern materials, chances are so high an attack of bacteria. Another plus point of this knife is the nice holding nature. Both left-hand and right-handed people use this knife with a lot of comfort. This is really huge advantage of this knife. 

On the other hand, Zeolite comes with regular leather handles. Therefore, holding this knife away is more comfortable than the other one. However, the chances of bacterial attack after a long time use is not a mini matter of concern. Softness absolutely increases the risk factors.

Exactly, on the other point, Zelit has no extra advantage of leg harness. It is mainly made in regular ways.

In conclusion, shun classic and zelite have completely different types of handle. One handle is safe and you are out of any harmful bacteria attack. However, Zelite comes with leather and a rubbery handle. That’s why this knife is more comfortable to hold. So, it’s completely your turn and decision about picking up your favorite one. We provide a slight ahead edge to the shun classic on the handle section. 

The difference in cost – Shun vs Zelite

Brand namePrice range
Shun Classic 8 inches knife$200 – $250 (Premier)
Zelite pro kitchen knife$140 – $150 (Executive-Plus Series Master)

Here it is clear that shun comes with a higher price tag than the competitor. On the other hand, a zelite knife will be less costly. 

But on the price difference, taking the side of Zelite pro will be the wrong approach. By adding $30-$40 you will get more impressive features with shun classic knives. However, if you have a limited budget and don’t want to increase the cost of the kitchen knife, then taking Zelite will be a nice choice. 

The overall difference between : Shun vs Zelite

Brand nameFeatures
Shun classic 8 inches knifeSharp, traditional design, Japanese
Zelite pro kitchen knifeSharp, low price comfortable

Before going to the final verdict, we are comparing these two products’ features at a glance. 

Here, the shun knife is the most authentic one. Moreover, it is manufactured by a Japanese brand. Therefore, the trust in that product is higher. Hence, this knife provides according to the expectation level also. 

Due to the 15-degree angle, the Shun knife becomes sharper than other similar items. Plus, the ergonomic handle shape makes it even more attractive. Only because of nice built-in action both right-handed and left-handed will be able to use this item with comfort. 

On the hand, the hand of the Zelite pro kitchen knife is made with leather. Therefore, holding this knife for a long time will be more comfortable. However, there is a chance of getting a bacterial attack. Only minimal chances are there of bacterial infection. 

Moreover, this knife is useful for all kinds of different activities. Surprisingly, Zelite pro has less price range than some other existing similar knives. That may have happened, due to the Chinese origin of it.

Shun Classic 8 inches knife

  • Blade Material: VG-MAX Steel
  • Brand: Shun
  • Color: Black
  • Handle Material: Ebony color PakkaWood®
  • Blade Edge: Plain
  • Blade Length: 8 Inches

Zelite Infinity Chef Knife

  • Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Brand: Zelite Infinity
  • Handle Material: Stainless Steel
  • Blade Length: 8 Inches


Now, this is the time of knowing the truth and deciding. Here, the shun classic 8 inches knife is a revolutionary product in the case of the knife. Therefore, we have doubts about the quality of shun knives. 

Overall, we consider shun as the best brand here. However, Zelite also provides items of good quality at a cheaper rate. But some issues are with authenticity. Therefore, taking Shun will be the best choice. 

However, if you have come up with a low and fixed budget then proceed on with Zelite. It is also quite capable of earning your satisfaction. 

Buying guide for kitchen knife

For many of us, purchasing a kitchen knife is quite a difficult task. Therefore, follow the guidelines to take the best knife for your kitchen. 

1. Sharpness of the knife 

The sharpness of a knife is the most important thing you should be focusing on. Try to know the sharp cutting ability of your targeted knife. Basically, sharpness is correlated with the angular shape of the blade. Therefore, try to know the sharpness before taking the knife. 

2. Manufacturing material 

To obtain the best item, purchase the best way to build a knife for your kitchen. Especially look to take a knife which is made with stainless steel. Hence, stainless steel lasts so long even after the use of water. Moreover, look at the handle material. Whatever it is, find a comfortable and safe handle of the knife. That will help to work for a long time without any hustle. 

3. Brand value 

Famous brands are most likely to provide bad materials or any bad products on the market. Usually, good brand value comes with lots of years of successful business with customer satisfaction. No normal person won’t damage customer satisfaction and brand value by supplying low-quality items on the market. Therefore, rely on big and well-known brands. 

4. Price range 

Compare the price range of your target product with similar items. Without mentioning items’ real price, know the customers purchasing deals. To get the best deal and to try to purchase the item on black Friday or something like that. Compare features with the budget to judge the price value. 

5. Customer review 

Finally, customer review is something no one can ignore. Before purchasing any products check the authentic customer’s review first. It will help you to understand the real performance of the product. When it comes to knife purchasing, true customer reviews will work as the best guide for you. So, consider customers’ reviews before taking the knife in your bag from the market. 

Apart from those, you can look at the durability, comfortability, and cutting ability of the knife. With all those primary and secondary factors in mind, surely going to help to find a good knife for your kitchen. 

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