Global vs Wusthof: Best Comparison in 2022 (Ultimate Guide)

When you are thinking of buying a new set of high-end kitchen knives, you are confused about whether would be better for you between the Wusthof or the Global. However, there is no need to worry since you are in the right place.

First of all, you have to bear in mind that Wusthof is a family-owned German Knive-producer that has been designing these types of knives for over 2000 years with the perfect shape.  The knife they have been designed style in western, well-balanced, elegant design, sharped razor,s and so on.

If you think of the past history the Global and Wusthof, you must understand that Global is a Japanese company, and the company has not started its business for as long as Wusthof has been. But Global has become more popular for its blade material, lightweight handles, and stainless steel design.

At the same time, when you compare Global vs Wusthof knives, you will observe a lot of similarities and dissimilarities between them. Now, I am going to explain to you the whole comparison between Global and Wusthof at a glance including-

  1. Design
  2. Materials
  3. Sharpness
  4. Price
  5. Construction
  6. Durability
  7. And much more.

So, be concentrated and keep reading the following phrases in detail and you will be able to fix up your decision for the purpose of buying your beautiful kitchen. Look here and see the quick summary of the whole post at a glance because it will help to get an overview.

  1. An overview of side-by-side comparisons
  2. A Quick Overview of Wusthof Knives 
  3. Global Knives: A Quick Overview a glance 
  4. Wusthof Knives vs. Global Knives: What Are the Main  Differences?
  5. Wusthof Knives vs. Global Knives: How Do They Compare?
  6. Bottom Line: Why  Should You Buy Wusthof or Global Kitchen Knives?
  7. Wusthof vs. Global: One Minute Comparison between them

Now, you have been able to understand a lot of important information about the comparison between Wusthof vs Global Kitchen Knives. So, let’s have a look to see other characteristics of them.

Wusthof Knife Sets Overview

WÜSTHOF Gourmet 2-Piece Chef's Knife Set

WÜSTHOF Gourmet Chef’s Knife

WÜSTHOF Classic 8" Chef's Knife

WÜSTHOF Classic 8″ Chef’s Knife

WÜSTHOF Classic Chef's Knife

WÜSTHOF Classic Chef’s Knife

Blade MaterialStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Handle MaterialPolypropyleneStainless SteelStainless Steel

Global Knife Sets Overview

Global G-2338

Global G-2338

Global G-4-7

Global G-4-7

Global G-257

Global G-257

Blade MaterialCarbonCarbonStainless Steel
Handle MaterialStainless SteelStainless SteelStainless Steel
Blade EdgePlainHollowPlain

What are the main differences between Wusthof and Global Kitchen Knives?

1. Design

 First of all the main differences, you will observe between Wusthof and Global knives are Design. When you see them, you will notice that the blade of Wusthof is thicker than Global and the blade is enough extended through the butt. You also see that the butt is made of synthetic or wood handles. Here, another thing is to think that there has a bolster between the handle and blade that had added a proper balance that has prevented your hands from sudden slipping.

2. Construction-

Both the kitchen knives of Wusthof and Globa have been made with two pieces a blade and a handle. But the length of the handle of Wusthof has added more stability of balance that is easy and comfortable and no fear of cutting the risk of hands.

On the other hand, it is generally seen that the handle and the blade of Global Kitchen knives are together that has a high-risk cutting off the fingers and even the hands by slipping by chance. Here, you also see that the handles of Wusthof are made of solid whereas the handles of Global are coved with sand to minimize the weight for the purpose of feeling comfortable during use. There is an example here that an 8 inches chef knife of Wusthof is only 8 Ounces, on the other hand, a Global chef knife of 5 inches is only 5.5 ounces.

2  The steel of Blades of Wusthof and Global-

There are a lot of differences in the blades of Wusthof and Global. The blade of Wusthof is made of blending steel named X50 Cr MoV 15X50 Cr MoV 15 which is considered the optimal formula that ensures the proper sharpness. On the other hand, Global Knives are mainly made of one type of steel named Cromova 18 which is softer but highly resistant to strain due to containing chromium content up to (18% vs. 15%).

3. Edge Grind of Global and Wusthof 

The grinds of the Wusthof of the edges are a slight level. On the other hand, the grinds of Global are totally different and it is claimed that their method result is definitely better edge based on the hundred of reviews on the users of both sides. They also claim that the edges of Global are better than those of Wusthof.

4. Sharpness of Wusthof and Global

The more the kitchen knives are sharper, the more you feel comfortable as you like. Wusthof is famous for its sharpness because- the process that is followed to sharpen the edges is called EPtec which is measured up to a 14-degree angle per side. On the other hand, the process of sharpness of Global is different because Global Classic and Ukon knives are mostly sharpened up to a 15-degree per side.

5. Product Options

There is a difference in product options of Wusthof which has a total of 7 knives. On the other contrary Global has only 4. As a result, people can choose more options in Wusthof.

6. Price Ranges-

The price ranges of Wusthof and Global are not the same because of their size and material. Here, Wusthof is more expensive than Global based on which types of them you want to buy. All the sizes of them are available on Amazon where you can check the current price range even with the discount if they offer you.

What are the similarities between Wusthof and Global?

The durability of Wusthof and Global:

Though there are a number of differences between them, there have many similarities. Both of the knives have the best durability which makes them more popular than others.


When you use one of them of Wusthof and Global, you must feel better than others. Because, when they are made, the designs have been done user-friendly.  Here,  you can look at that the handle of Wusthof is larger while the handle of Global is short but both of them are comfortable to use.

The hardness of Blade:

If you look at it carefully, you will see that the blades of Wusthof are harder than those of Global but both of them are able to make a balance between durability and edge retention.

 The Warranty of Wusthof and Global:

When you will decide on the knives from both brands, you will get a lifetime warranty which means both of them are perfect in quality and you can buy and use them without any worries.

Which knives can you buy between Wusthof and Global?

First of all, you have to bear in mind if you want knives that are elegant in design, you are being accommodated to buy Wusthof because its designs and finishings are really nice. The designs are much classical to me. But at the same time, its cost is a little more than Global.

On the other hand, when you want to buy such knives that are simple in design but sharper, you you can buy Global without any hesitation. After all, you can buy both of them because they are perfect for you though they have similarities and similarities.

What are the differences between Wusthof and Global?

Unlike the similarities, there are many dissimilarities between Wusthof and Global. But both of them can be alternatives because you can use one of them for the kitchen. Now,  you will be able to know some differences between them. Let’s have a look-

Here, you need to remember, that both Wusthof and Global have a lot of similarities in quality, materials, and style. They can be used in your kitchen easily and you can do all types of cutting smoothly.

At the same time, you will be able to see a number of differences between them including – price, raw materials, construction, weight and designs, and much more. After all, they are the same kitchen tools, and do the same jobs but are different in the brand. Ok, let’s see the main difference between them b glance-

It’s my own opinion that you must sell all the differences and similarities. Otherwise,  you will not be able to choose the best one for you.


As Wusthof and Global are two different brands but manufacturing the same products,  you will be able to find out many differences in designs.  Both brands want to make their products with their own elite design hand, the knives of Global are Japanese-style and the blades are thinner and sharper.

Types of Blades

The blades of the knives of Wusthof and Global are not too different from each other. Wusthof is normally full of tang and at least three rivets that have joined the handle to the blades and are covered with a synthetic or wood handle for the purpose of feeling much better.

Handles of Wusthof and Global– 

The handles of Wusthof and Global are a little different from each other. Between them, the handles of Wusthof are more comfortable and provide more safety to use during cutting. If you look at it with much care, you will see that the handles of Wusthof have been designed with curves that minimize the chance of slipping from hand suddenly. When you are cutting, you have a chance of slipping but the curved butts can protect it easily.

On the other hand, if you want to buy such types of knives that are stylish and modern in design, you can choose the knives of Global.  If you think of the handles of that it is made the one piece metal of stainless steel. No other metal than stainless steel has not been used in making it. After all, the handles of Global are shorter, rounder, and smaller which has made the knives ideal and elegant.

Constructions of Knives

The construction process and design of the European tradition are different. The manufacturer of Wusthof is Jarman. That is why they have been made with full-tang construction which means the steel has been spread up to the handle and covered with plastic or wood. That is why Wusthof is heavier than Global.

On the other hand, Global has made the knives with only one piece of metal which is a more modern strategy to remove the overall weight of the knives.

Weight and Balance of Wusthof and Global 

The weight and balance of the kitchen knives are very important. When you are working in the kitchen with knives, you will never be able to work with a weightful knife. To work with more comfort, you have to use knives of lightweight. In this case, Global is lighter than Wusthof.

The steel of Blades

The steel named X50 Cr MoV 15 is being used for making the knives of Wusthof. On the other hand,  The manufacturer company of Global Knives uses the steel named  Cromova 18. The steels used by both companies are perfect for knives.

Edge Grind of Wusthof and Global 

The edge grind of Wusthof is more traditional than Global. The company designs the traditional edge grind as a slight bevel from both sides that helps to create a stronger and more durable blade edge. On the other hand, as the  Japanese company makes it, they design the bevel together with an edge ground steeply from both sides around an inch.

The sharpness of Wusthof and Global-

First of all, you have to bear in mind that the sharpness of a knife depends on the lower angle. The lower angle of Wusthof’s Knives is sharpened around a 14- a degree angle at each site. On the other hand, The sharpened angle of Global is near from 12.5 to 15- degrees angle.

Product Varieties-

The product options of Wusthof and Global are really nice. They design the knives to the demand of the customer worldwide. As they produce their products for the worldwide customer, they try to make such a design that must be unique and elegant. Wusthof has a 7 collection of designs and Global has only a 4 collection of designs. All of them are very popular.

Some Popular Knives of Wusthof and Global-

 The Wusthof Classic 

Those people who always like to use classical products in their daily life. That is why they are making a lot of knives that are really classical. The most popular and the best

Selling knives of Wusthof is The Classic. Its main feature is a full tang that makes looking nice and comfortable for the users. The bolster has added the best balance and the handle of the knives is durable with resistant to fading.

The Wusthof Epicure-

When you like such a kitchen knife that has a wide blade for the purpose of chopping everything easier. This saves more time and you will be able to complete your job within a short time. In this case, the Epicure, one of the best-selling knives of Wusthof will be perfect for you because it is designed with a wide blade and a nice handle.

The Ikon range of knives features two bolsters, one between the handle and blade and one on the butt end of the handle. Among its most distinctive features is its magnificent African Blackwood handle.

 The Wusthof Ikon-

Another popular knife of Wusthof is the Wusthof Ikon. This knife is not simple in design. The designs attract the customer so much because it has classical looks. There are two bolsters between the blade and the handle which has made it different from other knives. Most people want to buy this knife because the handle is made the African Blackwood which makes it classical.

The Global Classic 

Unlike the Wusthof brand, the Global company has made some knives that are classic in designs and outlooks. Most of the companies which work making knives for world-class customers make their knives on the basis of customers’ interests. That is why Global has made named the Global Classic. It is their signature black dimples knife. They used the 18 Steel blade and sharpened it at a 15-degree angle from both sides. That is really amazing.

The Global IN

When you are looking for knives that have thicker blades and longer handles. You are not needed to be disappointed because the Global company has made these types of knives from time to time. Among them, the Global IN is one that is really nice. The knife has a long blade and handles that make it beautiful. When you will use it, you must feel more comfortable than that others. The edges of this knife are sharpened up to a 12.5-degree angle from both sides.

The Global SAI-

When you are looking for knives that have a special design on the handle that will be more comfortable for the grips of the hand. Don’t worry, the brand Global has made this type of knife. The Global SAI has a blade that is made with 3 different types of layers that helped to cut all types of kitchen products like fish, meat, and vegetables easily. The handle of this knife has been designed with small dimples that can protect against sudden slipping from your hand. So, can use it without any risk of cutting.


What’s Your Take on the Battle Between Wusthof and Global?

You may sometimes have confused between two brands which will be better for you. This is an important question for you. Actually, it depends on your own choice. When you are like such a type of knife that is designed as western style. At the same time, the knife will be classical in design and look. For these reasons, you can choose the brand name Wusthof without any reason.

On the other hand, when you are looking for knives that are designed with modern styles and looks, you can choose the second one and that is Global. The Global brand has a number of knives that have been designed for the customers like you. So, you can buy one of them as you like.

Who Should Buy Wusthof Knives?

First of all, you have to inform that the knives of the brand Wusthof are very excellent in quality because the company has made all their knives with premium quality and look. At the same time, their knives are signature and trusted products in the kitchen-knives universe. That means having created trueness quality and design. That is why you can buy this product without any hesitation.

Who should buy Global knives?

There are many reasons why you decide to buy the knives of the brand Global, one of the best Japanese companies in the world. The company has been manufacturing various types of knives for people who like to use the most modern stylish knives in the kitchen. 

Their knives have gained a lot of reputation worldwide. You can buy their knives because the sharper of the knives are longer than other knives than the average knives that are made by the other companies. All their knives have a good balance which means you can handle them easily. Overall, their knives are better than other brands. So, you can buy without any confusion.


Now, it can be said that you know all the information pros and cons about the two popular brands Wusthof and Global which are manufacturing the best knives that are being used in the kitchen. Both companies are being made knives that are good in quality and you can buy one of them for the kitchen. They make knives of classical and modern design. As a result, they are getting popular throughout the world and most of the people who have a taste using modern and classical products, are using the knives in their kitchen.

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