Victorinox vs Mercer – Identify the Best Knife for Your Kitchen

If you are looking for a low-budget, best-quality knife, then you are in the right place. As we all know Victorinox and Mercer are the leading knife manufacturers in today’s time – we have compared two of the best knives from these companies to find the ultimate difference. 
We have picked Victorinox Fibrox Pro 8-Inch Chef’s Knife and Mercer Culinary M23510 Renaissance 8-Inch Forged Chef’s Knife as the best knives from these two brands. Let’s see the comparison and find the best one for you.

According to our experienced quality testing panel and customer review, we consider Victorinox slightly ahead of the mercer brand.

Comparison table between Victorinox Vs Mercer

In this comparison table, we have added the differences between Victorinox and mercer knives’ leading features. Hence, you can identify the best one.





Manufacturing brandVictorinox Mercer Culinary 
Manufacturing landSwitzerlandTaiwan
Blade material Stainless steel Carbon steel 
Steel nature X50CrMov15X50CrMov15
Standout feature Nice and comfortable designMade with forged steel
Handle materialStainless steelAshwood
Secondary benefitsLow price, Lightweight, SmoothLow price, nice handle, well-built
Hardness abilityHRC 56HRC-56-58

From this comparison table, it is clear that Victorinox pro is well ahead of mercer culinary M23510. If you are still confused see the below section. 

Which Qualities Make the Victonix Fibrox Pro 8-inch Best Chef’s Knife?

In this following section, we have added the impressive qualities of Victorinox that outclasses Mercer Culinary M234510 knife. 

  • The comfortable design allows professional cutting and easing efficiently. 
  • An exclusive design handle is preferable for big and small tasks. 
  • The easy handling system is one of the prominent features of this particular knife. 
  • Very lightweight nature fits well for long-time work. 
  • The stainless steel-made handle makes it way more durable than expected. 
  • Ergonomic design and dimensions bring more comfort. 
  • It is manufactured by trusted swiss quality in Switzerland.
  • Stainless steel made it preferable to work in water-absorbing things. 

Based on the lower price rate, those impressive qualities of Victorinox Fibrox pro-8-inches make a strong case over other completers.

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s Knife

  • For home chefs & professionals
  • Fit for all tasks
  • Easy handling
  • Trusted Swiss quality

Mercer Culinary M23510 Renaissance 8-Inch Forged Chef’s Knife

  • Easier sharpening blade 
  • Suitable for storing or traveling.
  • Rounded spine for comfort grip

Well, don’t think Mercer Culinary is not a good one for you. If you have a higher budget then it would be the best selection here. However, based on efficient quality and the manageable price we have more votes in favor of the Victorinox knife. 

Before going for the comparison of both knife’s features, let’s check out the advantages and disadvantages of Victorinox.


  • Professional design 
  • Fit for all 
  • Easy handling 
  • Very efficient 
  • Manageable weight 
  • non-slipping grip
  • Fit for carving
  • Straight edge 
  • Dishwasher safe
  • Flat spine 
  • Lightweight steel 
  • Smooth cutting
  • Fits well for left/right-handed


  • Medium hardness
  • Small dimension

Comparison of features between Victorinox pro chef’s knife 8-inches and Mercer Culinary M23510 Renaissance 8-Inch knife. 

Based on multiple factors the real difference between these two items will be shown here.

Manufacturing difference: mercer vs Victorinox

Brand identification Motherland 
Victorinox Switzerland 

The manufacturing material directly came from Switzerland the Victorinox. This company originally worked as the creator of the Swiss army knife. Therefore, it is one of the largest manufacturing companies of knives. The company earned worldwide respect due to its greater work, especially on knife making. According to companies annual report, Victorinox manufactures around 45,000 knives per day. 

On the other hand, Mercer is a well-known brand in Taiwan. However, this brand rarely uses Taiwanese materials on it. mostly, they use imported German steel as the raw material. Furthermore, they use Japanese steel, and Korean raw materials. as a result, high-quality is not been confidently asked from this brand. Although the manufacturing company has good reputation in the East Asian and European parts of the world. 

After analyzing the manufacturing materials, it is clear that Victorinox uses more quality raw materials on knives. Thereby, Victorinox is the most trusted here. Alternatively, medium levels of raw materials of Mercer fail to establish any cases over Victorinox.

Raw material difference: Victorinox vs mercer 

Brand identity Steel nature 
Victorinox Fribox pro X50CrMoV15 (stamped)
Mercer RenaissanceX50CrMoV15

Both use quite similar steels to manufacture knives. But, one is the authentic steel of Switzerland and the opposite one is from German background. Therefore, our vote goes in favour of the Vitorinox again. 

Surprisingly, Mercer comes with Rockwell’s hardness ability. That ability is slightly absent in victorinox. Due to that, more heavy things is easily cuttable with the Mercer knifes. On the other hand, vicotorinx has similar anguish though is slightler lower term. 

It is not that easy, to take the strong one always. When you are thinking knife for kitchen work then our suggestion is victorinox. Subsequently, for heavy working on the kitchen and outside of the kitchen why not the opposite one? 

That doesn’t sums up the Mercer as the best one. Fortunately, Victorinox offers pro-stamped steel with more lower price. Therefore, don’t always cry for the harder one. Sometimes, be smart and choice the most efficient one for you. 

Overall, on the raw material part the better positioning of Mercer has to be declared. But the safe end making is suire with Victorinox. 

Sharpness difference: Why Victorinix is ahead?

Brand identityFactory edge shape 
Victorinox Fibrox Pro15 degrees (double bevel)
Mercer Renaissance15 degrees (double bevel)

People have a common query before purchasing any knife about the sharpness. To answer your question, our recommendation is victorinox pro here. Well, don’t misunderstand our thought at any means. The sharpness of the opposite one is still quite satisfying. But not so much smooth like victorinox. 

The reason of victorinox being sharp – is its ergonomic design. No wonder what kind of materials are the knife is made from, or what types of handle is here, but top sharpness fill up all the gaps. 

If you want to cut chicken, beef and other meats with this one, you will feel the serene smoothness. The nice handle section and boat shape 15-degree angled design has provided it the extra sharpness. 

Now comes to the question of Mercer in your mind? Well don’t need to wait long to know its sharpness also. 

The Mercer is preferable for hard-fisted chicken, fruits, and tight cover cutting. It is larger in shape in comparison to Victorinox. So, the more fantastic cutting ability of this sharpening knife. Moreover, it is also designed in a 15-degree double-level margin. Thereby, the cutting ability of this one has no questions. 

If you are trying to purchase a formidable one for different types of work, then you may try the Mercer knife. 

The difference in handle 

Brand Material 
Victorinox Fibrox ProTPE (thermoplastic)
Mercer RenaissancePOM (thermoplastic)

Both brands come with a nice handle setup. However, the Victorinox fibrox thermoplastic material made handles. More people were talking positively about the specific handle. People find it more software than POM plastic. 

Due to the use of TPE plastic in the Victorinox, it is better for both the left handy as well as for the right handy. It just requires a little bit of preciousness. You couldn’t have asked for more at that cheap price. 

The handle has a great air-passing ability. Therefore, even after a long time use doesn’t create any chances of slipping. Victorinox knife nice adjusted with the anybody hand. Nice and comfort in the capturing allow more mind-blowing work. 

On the other hand, the Mercer renaissance handle comes with a little drawback compared to our recommendation. It comes with a POM thermoplastic handle. Which is a backdated and tough handle for long time work. 

In today’s perspective, Victorinox will be standing still with far supreme quality with a nice adjustable handle. However, you can still complete your purchase with mercer without any fear. Because items have quite a similar handle design. 

Overall comparison between Victorinox and Mercer 

Apart from those basic parts, some other identical parts are there. So, here in this section, we will make an overall comparison between more commonly asked features for your convenience. Let’s begin the journey. 


When it comes to the question of quality, both items have strong appeals. There is not much of a real difference in the quality sections that accept the manufacturing materials. As Victorinox provides a more authentic source of raw material you can ignore its strong appeal of it. 

On the contrary, the raw materials of the Mercer also come from a top authentic source. 

But there is no scope for believing the authenticity here. It is considered that both items are made with quality materials and top things. But the authentication subject makes the ultimate difference here. 

Therefore, my personal opinion goes in favor the Victorinox. Well, that doesn’t mean Mercer offers less quality by any means. However, the authenticity of the Mercer will always be heavily criticized. 

Even in this modern era, manufacturing companies are not focusing on quality rather than quantity. If the moto and intention of Mercer change a little bit, surely they will see more customers flourishment. 


Almost 70% of people largely voted in favor of the Victorinox here. They directly identified the comfortable of this knife on the forum. We believe in our analysis strongly. Also, counts our authentic customer’s reviews on rating any items. If you want to have any better ideas about these two items’ comfortableness, you need to take both items.

In case, you have time limits and don’t have long durations for making any realistic survey, why not rely on our decision? 

It is quite clear that Victorinox is the best knife here for comfortableness. Moreover, this handle is made for both left-handed and right-handed people’s convenience. Thereby, don’t doubt the comfortableness of this knife anymore. 

On the hand, the Mercer also comes with a 15-degree angle shape. Furthermore, a nice handle system allows a strong grip too. But with a true saying, Victonix is undoubtedly the more comfortable of these two.


The price of every product is an important part. When you see you are getting almost similar items at a quite low price you should be looking forward to that item. Here the case is almost the same. 

Truly speaking, the Victorinox is very cheaper than the shown model of the Mercer. In this kind of analysis, Victorinox offers almost similar features. When you analyze deeply you will see some features of the Victorinox is far better than the opposite one. 

Well, don’t consider this matter in another way. To be more direct, Victorinox offers more convenient features than mercer.

As in today’s tough time, pricing is a huge issue I will prefer the lower-priced one. Some people come into the market with a very limited budget. For them, the Victorinox will be the ideal option. However, those who are looking for more highly budget items simply go home with Mercer. 

Victorinox Fibrox Pro Chef’s KnifeCheck Price
Mercer Culinary M23510 Renaissance 8-Inch Forged Chef’s KnifeCheck Price


When it comes to deciding between these two items by considering overall factors, we stand firmly on the side of Victorinox. It is a really top knife manufacturing brand with all over the world reputation. So, denying does not come into the mind in any way. 

On the other hand, the reputation of the Mercer is not as higher as this one. Therefore, we have rated this one in slightly back place. 

Moreover, from the perspective of quality and pricing taking Victorinox will be the better option. No wonder you don’t need to take both items simultaneously. 

Take one first, and use the item to know the ultimate result. If you are not satisfied then take the opposite one. 

So, on the final term, we have rated the Victorinox pro 8 inches knife higher than the Mercer 8 inches knife. As well as, Victorinox vs mercer– the best one is Victorinox. 

Buying guide for the best knife for your kitchen

This buying guide will help you to purchase a good knife for your kitchen. If you are enjoying our blog, just move forward to gain those tips. 

Quality of the product

To know any item’s compatibility you need to focus on its quality. Quality testing has many ways. However, on a knife, you just need to check its sharpness, thickness, and efficiency. If you are decisive with the knife performance go to purchase the knife. 

The lasting ability of the knife 

To make a winning deal, directly focus on the item’s durability after identifying the qualities. To know the durability check the manufacturing raw materials first. Suppose, you are getting a stainless steel-made knife with a slightly higher price, just take it. We know the knife is made with good steel and is also a good choice for water use. Therefore, try to purchase a pure stainless steel knife to avoid further problems. 

Comfortability of the knife 

Another big decisive issue of the knife is its comfortability of a knife while using it. Some people use the same knife for doing 90% of kitchen work. This is a really good approach. To complete this kind of target you need to purchase a very comfortable knife. 

Also, consider the issue of using a knife in both left and right hands. To make a comfortable journey with a knife take both hands a usable knife. 

Pricing of the product

Don’t require to take any product with crossing the budget. Purchase knives at a reasonable price, rather than taking useless extra pricing wired things. So, keep in mind the proper price of the item. To get more comfortable shopping search on any search engine to know the instant price of the item. 


In case you have further queries about Victorinox vs Mercer knives? Please read these frequently asked questions with proper answers from this section. 

Which one is less costly?

Here, the Victorinox comes with more quality features at a low price. It comes with a comparatively lower price than some other similar items too. 

Can I afford both of these knives?

Under $100 you can take both these knives. However, you don’t need to take two similar knives at a time. Just take the better one and use it in comfort. Yes, affording both items is possible but it’s excessive. 

Which one should I take to get a better meat-cutting experience?

As the Mercer is the harder one here, you can take this one for a great meat-cutting experience. Try to take thick-edged and sharp knives for cutting meat or related things. 

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