How to close a Gerber knife? (Easy Learning)

Opened your Gerber knife but cannot close it? Well, this knife operates in a different one compared to the regular knives. As a result, you cannot just close it. Instead, it will need some steps to close it properly. 

This is mainly done so for the safety purposes. So, if you can’t close this knife, then there is nothing to be flustered about!

So, it rounds up to the question of how to close a Gerber knife?

Don’t worry; the process is pretty simple! You just need to follow some steps, and you will be all good to wrap it!

Without further ado, let’s find out about it:

What is a Gerber knife?

Whether it be for survival, hunting, cutting, camping, or general usage – this Gerber knife has been with us for over a century now. And why not!

Right from offering a smooth opening to high durability, frim gripping, and razor shape – they have aced up in all categories with total class. 

And with each year, they just get better and better. In fact, this knife is so good that, along with saving a lot of time, they deliver professional-grade cutting that you will simply love working with.

Hard not to fall in love with it!

Now, for the construction, they are made using top-quality stainless steel materials to ensure you have a great experience and service with this knife for several years to go. Something you will never get bored of using and will not want to use another one anymore.

How to close a Gerber knife?

Gerber knife comes with a certain kind of mechanism that gets locked upon opening. It is done for safety. Otherwise, while using them, you could hurt yourself. 

By keeping that thing in mind, the manufacturer has made this knife in such a way that it gets locked into place once opened. 

As a result, without knowing the correct method of closing it, many people go for a try, struggle, and ultimately fail. However, if you know the exact method, it will take just a few moments to close it. 

No more struggling!

Here are the steps that you need to follow one by one for opening up a Gerber knife:

  • For opening, the knife, press the silver color button. Make sure you are holding the knife at a moderate level distance from your body. Otherwise, chances are high that you will end up cutting any body parts by mistake. 
  • Look for the metal piece leaning on the right side of the knife.
  • Now, use your fingernail to pull the opposite facet of the metal piece. It must push the blade to be closed if done properly.


  • You can even use your index finger for pushing the blade back into its closed position. There are two thumbs studs available on the blade. It works in two ways accordingly, using which you can open and close the knife.
  • Lastly, make sure to move your thumb out of the way while pushing the blade into the cavity. It’s one of the common error which people tends to make and thus end up getting hurt in the process.

Now that you know how to open your Gerber knife, let’s increase our knowledge and thus know about how to open various kinds of the knife:

Method of opening other types of knife

Nowadays, you will find a wide range of knife collections, each with coming with various designs and structures. Starting from doing regular work to camping, excursions, etc. – you will find different kinds of knives for each of them.

Such as pocket knives – they are designed particularly for folding and safety purposes. You can ideally fold these knife blades for protection. The makers forged this knife with great creativity. So you can use it effectively. It is also super easy to open and use.

Just by using the thumb area, you can open it. Although most of the pocket knives come with an easy-to-operate mechanism, yet before buying, make sure to check whether you can easily open this knife with one hand or not. 

Opening pocket knife using one hand: Is it even possible? If yes, How?

Yes, you can definitely. In fact, while making the purchase, you must check for this feature. After all, it is one of the key features of this type of knife. 

They are super easy to use!

In fact, for making things simpler and more convenient, you will find a thumb stud close to the blade. Using this, you can open it within a blink of an eye. 

Here’s to how:

  • Hold on to the knife properly. And place the thumb stud near to the thumb portion. 
  • Now keeping the thumb in the rightmost corner, press it down and up slowly. 
  • After these, release the blade from the handle of the knife. 
  • Now shift the thumb to the stud when the blade is in an open state. 
  • Try to keep the blades in a locked position. If this locking mechanism doesn’t work correctly, then push it to the opposite left part of the stud. Make sure that the knife’s blade doesn’t move. To handle this knife and keep an edge back, pull down the thumb stud.

To Wrap Up

That’s all from the discussion regarding “How to close a Gerber knife?”

Handling a Gerber knife properly can be extremely rewarding and satisfying. Similarly, if you don’t understand the exact process of working with it, then it will not be a fun anymore. Instead, you will find it hard to work with it.  

This is one of the common issues that most people tend to face. Now that you know how to close one get to work with it. Just follow the steps as instructed!

One thing to note is you might struggle a bit for the first few times. However, with some shots and practice, you will be able to do it swiftly like a pro in no time. So, treat your one with respect!

Frequently Asked Question 

Still, confusion revolving in your mind about the Gerber knife? If so, have a quick go through the below most asked queries and get it cleared up right away:

What angle do you sharpen Gerber?

While sharpening your Gerber knives, you must always maintain a consistent angle with the sharpening equipment. A changing angle will tend to affect the knife, eventually resulting in a rounded edge that will get duller and duller with time. 

To keep the durability and sharpness for a long time, you must sharpen this knife at a uniform 15-degree angle on each side for a total of a 30-degree angle. 

What kind of steel does Gerber use to make their knives?

Gerber always uses 100% high-grade stainless steel quality materials for forging their knives. As a result, each of their product lasts for a long time, giving the same experience and service. Thanks to their top-quality steel materials usage, they never form corrosion. Hence, you can use them worry free without thinking about any rust.

How often should I get my knife sharpened?

Honestly speaking, there is no exact estimation, and this just depends on the model and your usage. For instance, if you need to regularly use your knife, then you must sharpen it every 6 months based on your use. However, every type of the knife must be sharpened for 1 to 2 years to keep the shine and sharpness intact. 

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