Wusthof vs Cutco: Best Comparison (Ultimate Guide)

Stuck in between Wusthof vs Cutco? Well, the debate is real even though both these brands are with us for a long time now. And why not?

Both of these knives are just too good to declare one as the winner. No wonder why there is always a constant fight ongoing among people regarding these two knives. 

We know the struggle! That’s why we are with all the necessary information to finally help you pick the ideal one for you. After all, only the right one can change our lives and make our work super easy and comfortable. Hence, picking the suitable one has become more than a necessity now. 

So, what are you waiting for? Let’s get started: 

Wusthof vs Cutco: At A Glance

Before jumping directly into the details, let’s at first develop some general concepts regarding both the knives. As a result, it will be easier for us to understand their core differences. 

Wusthof Knives 

Wusthof knives are manufactured in the Soligen state of Germany – home of several famous brands. This city is also popularly known as the “City of Blades” due to its creation of some ground-breaking knives. 

No wonder Wustof is so good in quality and durability. This knife was founded in the year 1814, yet it took just some days for this knife to build a strong reputation for them. 

And why not? They have indeed shown us how beautifully high-quality materials can be blended in with superb craftsmanship. After all, the result is right in front of us. 

They make all their knives using premium quality German stainless steel. So it gives you a long time service for a lifetime without giving you any chance for complaints. Well, that much good these knives are!

You cannot but fall in love with them. Besides, since its invention, numerous brands have come and gone. Still, no one has dared to beat them in their specializations. 

They are a pro when it comes to catering to the ever-growing and changing demands of the clients every then and now. Due to this very reason, notable chefs like Gordon Ramsey have opted to praise and himself use these Wusthof knife block sets in their restaurants.


  • Completely forged
  • High-carbon stain-resistant stainless steel 
  • Precision Edge Technology (PEtec) edge
  • Triple-riveted Polyoxymethylene (POM) handles
  • Wear-resistant
  • Lifetime Warranty

Wusthof Classic

  • Color: Acacia Black
  • Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Blade Edge: Serrated

Cutco Knives  

Cutco takes pride in being a family-run, small-town company situated in Olean, New York. The business prioritizes upholding American ideals and supports numerous American families by creating various employment opportunities. 

This brand was founded by ALCOA and started its journey in the year 1982. Later on, it expanded its activities across the country and into the greater portion of Canada. As of now, this manufacturer has celebrated its 70th anniversary in the year 2019.

Another thing the business takes great pride in is its creation of uncompromising and unmatched quality Cutco knives exclusively in the US since its invention to the present date. Not a single year has passed where you will get to hear people complaining or showing dissatisfaction with these knives. 

According to the corporation, it is currently one of the biggest manufacturers when it comes to making high-quality culinary utensils in North America.

Some noteworthy Cutco knife sets include Homemaker, Galley, Studio, Essentials, and many other collections.


  • Highly engineered thermo-resin ergonomic handle
  • Classic design 
  • High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Serrated blade edge 
  • Lifetime Guaranty 

CUTCO Model 2018 

  • Color: Black
  • Blade Material: High Carbon Stainless Steel
  • Blade Edge: Serrated

A Brief Head-To-Head Comparison Between Wusthof vs Cutco

Now that you have developed an overall idea about both Wusthof and Cutco knives let’s move on to the next session by comparing the two brands’ essential features side by side. So you can ideally understand their core differences: 


In general, Cutco blades come in three varied styles: Double-D edge, Straight edge, and Santoku. The knives coming with the Double-D edge tend to have serrated-like blades, suitable for cutting slippery kinds of surfaces, like bread. 

On the other hand, straight-edged knives are somehow similar to the standard chefs’ knives. This kind of blade requires frequent sharpening. However, the good news is unlike the Double-D edge blades, the sharpening can be done at home. 

And for the Santoka-edged knives, they are manufactured using the traditional Santoku style. Additionally, all the Cutco knives have stamps on every blade.

Moving on to the Wusthof blades, they offer seven additional blade variations over the Cutco knives. Numerous options to choose from! 

However, a few of those are strikingly identical to one another. While the majority of Wusthof blades are forged, with one being laser-cut stamped.

Manufacturing Process 

Cutco Knives have distinctive stamping designs on them. Meaning, a sheet of steel is used to create one of the blades.

On the other hand, Wusthof makes forged knives in addition to stamped blades. Instead of constructing it from a single piece of steel, they use multiple pieces to forge a high-quality knife superior to a stamped one. 


Made using the thermo-resin materials, the Cutco knives tend to have an ergonomic handle. Especially designed to offer an easy and comfortable grip. So the user doesn’t feel any kind of fatigue while operating the knife, despite the usage. These brands of knives tend to have similar kinds of handle designs. 

Wusthof offers a wide range of handle designs for various blades. Some knives have handles made of polyoxymethylene, while other handles are made of real wood. Besides, Wusthof produces ergonomic design handles using both natural and synthetic materials. So it has a comfortable grip. 


Usually, both the Wusthof and Cutco knives have comparable prices. In comparison to the average market pricing, both brands are pretty expensive.

This is due to the fact that consumers expect to get what they pay for. And purchasing from these companies ensures you will receive a high-quality item that will last for a long time, giving the same service. 

However, based on the pricing, the better pick is certainly the Wustof. As they offer a wide range of collections to choose from. And uses high-end manufacturing techniques to produce its knives.


No matter when the knife was purchased or even if it was used, Cutco’s Forever Guarantee gives free replacement and sharpening (for a reasonable price) at any time. This limitless feature certainly demonstrates the company’s high level of confidence in the caliber and competence in making good-quality products. 

Naturally, this guarantee is still in effect as long as you utilize the blades as directed. What’s more shocking is they don’t also demand receipts when taken. 

Now for the Wusthof knives, they provide a lifetime warranty. But this is only applicable to the manufacturing flaws. However, these knives are guaranteed to be free of any defects. 

They offer a warranty that is just like Cutco’s if the product is utilized as intended to. Unlike the Cutco’s, they need to charge a fee for its sharpening services.


Cutco has been in operation for about 70 years, with all of its knives being made in the United States. In contrast, Wusthof has been in business for about 200 years now and manufactures all of their knives in Solingen, Germany.


Cutco knives should be hand washed in hot water with a moderate liquid dishwasher to increase their longevity. While for the Wustof knives, it is advisable to immediately wash and dry out the knife right after usage and washing, respectively. 

Besides, one crucial point to note is never put this knife in the dishwasher as this act can prove to be dangerous for the blade. This ultimately will result in their less durability. 


Wusthof offers a sharp knife with a 28 degree angle (14 on each side). In contrast, Cutco has 15 sharp knives on each side at a 30 degree slant. Hence, in comparison to Cutco knives, the Wusthof knives are more sharper.

Country of Origin 

The brand Cutco is American-based knives, while Wusthof knives are Germany-based. 


Wusthof knives can be found at all retail establishments, whereas Cutco offers an in-home demonstration.

Wusthof vs Cutco: Which is the Better Pick?

Both the brands Cutco and Wusthof are widely known among the people due to their premium quality knives and incredible craftsmanship. 

The majority of customer reviews for both brands show that consumers continue to choose these brands in comparison to various other brands. And the only reason behind this picking is due to their trust and full confidence that they will be durable and sturdy enough to last for a lifetime. 

The debate is still on regarding which is the best one when it comes to the ultimate choosing of only one brand. 

Let’s talk about their core features one by one to see who becomes the winner in the end: 


For the quality and durability, both are made using high-quality materials that will undoubtedly last for a long time, giving you the same experience and service. So you don’t have any kind of complaints or objections. Instead, fall in love with them the moment you take them in your hands. 


Both the knives’ handles offer a comfortable grip. As a result, no matter the long hours you are using it, your hands will never get tired or exhausted upon using them. 


Now for the warranty, Cutco’s knives are surely the clear winner. All credit goes to its Forever Guarantee features. No matter when you have purchased this knife, Cutco will still do a replacement of it, even if a decade has passed for it. Unlike other brands, time is no issue here, which is certainly one of the best parts of these knives. 

No wonder why people tend to have so much trust in these products and prefer them the most. Well, the Cutco brands take pride in their work, and this forever guarantee just shows their dedication and quality of products. 

In fact, for any situation, if you were given the knife or it was passed down to you, then also worry not! As Cutco might even replace it. And for the replacement, they don’t even ask for any receipts from you. They have a trademark for each of the products upon recognizing which they take the product right in service. 

While for the Wusthof, it is completely different. However, they offer a lifetime guarantee but with a condition lying underneath. That is, the warranty is for only those flaws that happen from manufacturing the products. Unlike the Cutco brand, they will not do any replacement unless the problem has happened due to any primary defects. 

Coming to the final breakdown, we see that both are extremely good from their perspectives. This, in return, makes our work and selection much more tougher to pick just one. As a result, we have arrived at the conclusion that based on your requirements criteria, you must always pick the one. Not only will it be worthy, but at the same time, you will get to explore a new side of your kitchen world. 

Final Verdict:  

If you are not looking at the price and want a precise, durable, and easy to use knife offering a forever guarantee, then without any sort of doubts in mind, the Cutco kitchen knife set is for you!

They are a perfect pair of knives that will last for a lifetime indeed. These knives are also dishwasher safe and a suitable option for the beginners taking their first steppings in the world of cutlery.  

On the other hand, if you are looking for a more stylish and sleek designed knife available at an affordable rate, then this Wusthof knife is the one to go for. 

No matter where you place them, they are just too good and will complement the designated area so beautifully that passersby will have a hard time not looking behind at them, even if it is for a glance. That much appealing and good in quality these knives are!

To Wrap Up

That’s all from the detailed discussion regarding the differences between Wusthof vs Cutco.

Both the knives are incredibly good and worthy of giving a shot. So, depending on your need, go for the ones that match your criteria list the most. As only the right one can give you the ultimate experience, making things super comfortable and convenient from every angle. 

Go explore things like never before with the perfect knives in hand!

Frequently Asked Question

Have a look at the below most asked queries to clarify any doubts revolving on your mind: 

What are Cutco knives made of?

To produce knives of the finest caliber while maintaining its elegance, Cutco forges all of their knives using high-carbon stainless steel, holding a sharp edge. Thanks to their finest Cutco knife materials, their steel also doesn’t form any rust or corrosion, despite the usage and duration. 

What knives are equal to Cutco?

Without any doubt, the answer is Wusthof knives. Manufactured using German steel knives and coming with an exquisite bolster, these knives have perfectly blended in the safety and balance, ultimately giving an equal yet tough fight to the Cutco brands. 

How durable are Cutco knives?

Cutco knives come with a Forever Guarantee for all their kitchen knives. Meaning, no matter the usage or problem, you can always repair or replace them upon encountering any noteworthy problems. 

They don’t even check for any receipts. However, according to some testimonials statements, the Cutco knives are predicted to have lasted more than 60 years, generation after generation, giving the same service to all its users. 

Do chefs use Cutco knives?

Well, the answer is no! Most of the chefs don’t prefer using Cutco knives. Instead, these knives are marketed and sold for domestic usage only. Besides, the brand is popularly known for its aggressive sales tactics than for its product quality.

What knife does Gordon Ramsay use?

Gordon Ramsay is known for using Wüsthof and Henckels brand’s knives when it comes to working in the kitchen and doing some professional cutting, chopping, and slicing. 

Are Cutco knives overrated?

Compared to the high price tag, many people tend to think that Cutco knives are overrated. However, based on the quality and the service they have offered for such a long time, they have certainly done justice with the price even though it may seem overrated. 

These knives are one of a kind and have made their strong stance in the entire world as one of the best stamped knives available. 

Are Wusthof knives 15 or 20 degrees?

Generally, the knives constructed of high-quality steel can be honed to a side angle of 15 degrees. However, Wusthof tends to follow the Asian-style method and thus tends to sharpen their knives to a 10 degree angle on each of their sides.

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